The work “thorn” conveys the relationship between constraint and struggle.The contradictory community of id and ego, mutual constraint and break-off. Whether it's the spirit constrains the flesh or the flesh constrains the spirit. Whether it is the thorn that constrains the bubble or the bubble constrains the thorn. Whether it is restraint or being constrained, triggering reflection and questioning. Items actually allow people to understand themselves, emotions, time and space. We hope to feel deadly, romantic, decadent chaos of struggle by creating different items. No longer in pursuit of an established answer, but a representation of the time, space, and emotions of people. A reflection on constraint and struggle. The fluorescent green bamboo sticks are intertwined with the dark bubbles, forming a mutual constraint and break-off. The piercing and the flowing momentums echo, and the erosion and piercing coexist. The regular geometric bamboo sticks and the natural foaming colored bubbles formed an interesting conflict and contrast.